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Birthdate:Apr 3
Location:Surrey, BC, Canada
Not at this time :)

Interests (108):

abba, aesops fables, alien vs predator, an amercian tail, an american tail: fievel goes west, anastasia, andre rieu, animals, art history, australia, carlos santana, casablanca, cats don't dance, celtic woman, chocolat, chronicles of riddick, cybersix, dances with wolves, dancing, daydreaming, delirium, dirty dancing, doris day, drawing, dubstep, elementary, fairy-tales, family road trips, fantasia, fern gully, fiction, folklore, fox & the hound, frank sinatra, free willy, gargoyles, hames newton howard, harry potter, hawaii five-0 (2010), hello dolly!, history, how to train your dragon, howard shore, howl's moving castle, instrumental, j.r.r. tolkien, john williams, josh groban, jumanji, jurassic fight club, jurassic park, justice league, kate & leopold, kayaking, kindergarten cop, les miserables, literary criticism, louis armstrong, michael buble, murdoch mysteries, mythology, non-fiction, once upon a time series, pacing to myself, pink panther (w/ peter sellers), pirates of the caribbean, pitch black, planet dinosaur, planet earth, pocahontas, pop culture & philosophy, predator series, prisoners of the mountain, queen, riddick, rise of the guardians, river monsters, rock-a-doodle, secondhand lions, so you think you can dance, soundtracks, spartacus, star trek, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, terra nova, the cranberries, the expendables, the first wives club, the grey, the lone ranger, the lord of the rings trilogy, the prince of egypt, the proclaimers, the rescuers down under, the road to el dorado, the sound of music, the voice, the wind singer, three men and a baby, titan ae, underworld, unstoppable, vera lynn, walking, walking with dinosaurs, water (by deepa mehta), wild/south pacific, x-men series
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